Bridges Aderhold

Bridges Aderhold

Bridges Aderhold is a photographer of his generation. In the 1990s, in South Florida he lived with a camera in his hand. Assisting influential photographers he discovered nature through the photo lens honing his eye to natural and enhanced lighting.

Wanting to develop his lighting and photography skills at the age of 19 Aderhold headed west to follow in the footsteps of America’s greatest landscape photography pioneers.

On arrival to San Francisco, he set out to study various lighting and reflecting techniques in response to the natural landscape and weather patterns. California sunsets were the answer to South Florida’s sunrise.

To balance his research he enlisted in freelance studio jobs of fashion and product photography developing his craft of conceptual lighting. In due course, he disregarded fundamental photography ideas, whilst jarring his mind and pushing the camera’s inner workings to the limits.

Over the years California’s variation of coastal and inland valleys supplemented by distinct microclimates fulfilled the necessary components of discovery for Aderhold to embrace the knowhow of early America’s iconic photographers.

Leaving the West Coast for South Florida he opened GAB, a photography studio and gallery in the developing arts district known as Wynwood, Florida.

The studio hosts numerous photo shoots for emerging and known designers. While the gallery is home to Aderhold’s Eye Project, amassing over 12,000 photographs of eyes.

“Photographing the eyes of people eliminates preconceived notions of any individual and gives each person the human condition of honesty. This project has allowed me to connect with people from all over the world.”