Miles Chapin


In my sculpture, I use curves and texture to mimic motion and emotion. I carve directly, developing a relationship with the stone instead of precisely
copying a maquette. I embrace imperfection, and try to avoid perfect symmetry. I am constantly playing with the inter-relationship form has with itself. I strive for my artistic voice to come through my work, to touch, and connect with the viewer and pull them in.

I work to have my outdoor sculptures be part of their environment, to relate to the landscape; to hone the viewer’s attention to the serenity of life and to develop a sense of place. The simplicity of the sculpture complements the complexity of its landscape. Stone has its own natural beauty, I aim to accentuate this and work alongside the stone’s structure. When I start carving a block of stone, it feels as if it is static or asleep. Carving into each block pulls life into the stone, awakening the stone with each curve and angle. Each piece has its own passage to completion.