Roberta Greany


Roberta Amina Greany

Because I’ve always lived on the edge of continents, coastal locations—the bold coasts of Mexico, Maine, and California—influence my work, taking shape as layered landscapes and essential abstractions. Ocean, sky, mountains, rivers, shorelines, horizons, clouds, and enveloping fog appear, transformed by light, luminous or sharply focused. Inevitably, the colors, architecture, and cultures of Italy, Mexico, and Morocco dance through my internal landscape as well and affect my work. Painting in home studios in Blue Hill, Maine and Puerto Escondido, Mexico,  I work in water-based and oil-based paints on 300lb archival paper and cotton canvas. Working with brush and palette knife, in many layers and over time, each piece eventually declares itself complete. A process I have come to love and live for, having everything to do with revealing and appearing, and not much to do with mind.