Sherry Streeter


Sherry Streeter

Maine has been my home for almost forty years. I came here from Connecticut to be art director of WoodenBoat magazine and stayed, unable to leave the beauty of the people and place.  Eventually, I turned to free-lance graphic design, and finally to painting, my primary passion.  I love just about everything about Maine. The natural, raw beauty grounds me, feeds my soul, and provides endless inspiration for my work.

I have always loved the Whitman quote, “I contain multitudes”.  I think this is true of most people and things — of Maine weather, for sure — and it’s true of the art I make.  I move along the continuum from abstract to representational without a concern for consistency yet I enjoy working in series, focusing on what moves me — what shows up on the canvas is often a surprise.  Ten years ago, for example, simultaneous to building our own home, I was inspired to focus on nests, more as symbol than as object.  Having been more drawn to landscapes, this was a departure.

This past winter a flock of local bird portraits has come forth, birds seeming to symbolize brilliance and a certain irrefutable order as well as just sheer magnificence.  Painting them has provided an unexpected tonic.

My work is a way of finding peace and meaning in a chaotic world, and a way to celebrate the natural beauty that nourishes me.