Sherry Streeter

Sherry Streeter lives in Brooklin, ME where she moved from Connecticut 37 years ago.  She began life in ME as art director for WoodenBoat magazine and then moved on to free-lance graphic design.  She now paints full-time when not working for one of the local causes she feels strongly about, such as Acadia National Park, Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center and the Maine Community Foundation.

Exploration is what most intrigues Sherry when she paints — following the subject, the idea, the medium, the possibilities and seeing where they lead.  The unifying theme in her work is love for the raw forms of nature. Whether she depicts them literally or more abstractly, the beauty and order of the physical world and it’s underlying mysteries are what inspire her. After Sherry completes a painting, she more fully understand what it’s about.  This is part of the joy and wonder of making art.