Christopher O’Connor

Christophor O'Connor

Christopher O’Connor is a native of Ireland, born in the colorful town of Dingle in County Kerry. His work and life are mirroring in their examination and curiosity of the world. Christopher has works in many private collections and has held exhibitions in Europe and the United States. His paintings have been featured in national exhibitions such as The Gathering and the annual R.H.A.exhibition in his home country of Ireland . Christopher’s work focuses primarily on the natural world and the elements which inhabit it. Preferring not to be pigeonholed as a categorical artist, Christopher explores the boundaries in every subject he paints. As an artist Christopher chooses to embrace technology as a means to deepen his exploration of the natural world. His work of late, being rendered from digital images as reference points, investigates the dimension of distortion by digitization. These dimensions being the invisible building blocks, or pixels which compile like drops of paint to represent the natural world in digital form. Our eyes are only capable of absorbing the 256 colors which our computer screens deliver and our minds fill in the blanks which we are not aware of. In paintings resembling those of the pointillist and impressionist artists, Christopher captures moments which bridge the digital divide to the natural world Christopher has a deep respect and reverence for his subject and a contemporary understanding of new media. This seemingly discordant relationship between nature and technology melds in the harmonic balance found in Christopher’s work.