Heidi Daub

Heidi Daub

“From her studio days in the 1980’s at Montserrat College of Art, in Beverly, Massachusetts, Heidi Daub has doggedly maintained an independent and individualistic approach to her art that reflects a temperament derived from a thorough knowledge of and an adherence to the vocabulary of Modernism, complemented with an imaginative and innovative approach. Her style, with its unmistakenable identity, make her paintings a challenge both to the eye and to the mind. Yet the elements of her paintings are simple and familiar, appealing equally to adults and children. But the meaning of her paintings, paradoxically, are concealed within those same simple and familiar elements and elude immediate comprehension. And that for the viewer is the challenge of her art.
Daub’s paintings defy easy classification. Are they landscapes or narratives or a meshing of the two? Are they painted metaphors, symbolic narratives or even surreal experiences? Clearly she combines elements directly taken from the natural world, but there are unexpected surprises too. Daub has assimilated the characteristics of Modernism so completely to her own artistic purposes; she seems to have come to it naturally. She is one of a small number of Maine artists who work with it convincingly. She has created a style that is personal, idiomatic, and singularly hers. Nature is always her starting point, always her vehicle for expressing and shaping her personal visions. Her imagery is thus always recognizable as belonging to the world of appearances, regardless of the particular configuration she may give them. And though she employs the vocabulary of representationalism, her painted language is conditioned by the grammar and syntax of Modernism and abstraction. One of her gifts is her ability to combine representational and abstract elements without making the former obvious or obtrusive.
The art of Heidi Daub is unquestionably a rare experience, the kind we are not likely to see again for some time. Her ability to translate personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings into artful images that are at once rich in poetic associations and probing in enigmatic content are what make the paintings of Heidi Daub memorable and worth seeking out.”

-Lyle Roger North


H E I D I   D A U B

“Engaged in the interplay between various artistic disciplines, my paintings evolve from
a stilling and attunement, coupled with an urgent communicative desire to render our interdependence with the natural world. The resultant images of coalesced line, form, color and movement are a discovery born out of the complexities of love and daily experience.”

Heidi Daub was raised in upstate New York near the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers, and is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. In addition to current group and solo painting exhibitions, online presence, and public readings, she produced two compilations of her paintings and poems: Eve Of A New Round (2008) and the artist catalog Pieces of Prayer (2015). As curator and collaborator, she was guest exhibitor/reader at the Belfast Maine Poetry Festival, in 2005 and 2013: the 2017, 2018 Maine WORD. Festival, and included in two recent (2019 and 2020) compilations of writers and visual artists published in Maine—A Dangerous New World: Maine Voices On The Climate Crisis, and Voices From The Coast: Maine Coast Heritage Trust celebrating 50 years. Recipient of the inaugural Artist in Residence in 2018 at the Alcyon Center, Heidi currently maintains an active studio in Blue Hill, Maine. Her paintings are housed internationally in both private and corporate collections.