Linden O’Ryan

Linden O'Ryan

The first 30 years of my life consisted of traveling and living two to three years in a variety of areas in the United States and the Philippines, Japan and Norway. I loved and was influenced by all of these experiences. In the second thirty years, I grounded my life in Maine, living most of these years in Southwest Harbor, where I raised three children and became involved in exploring the creative arts in dance, collage and watercolors and writing. All of these self-exploring experiences have been the foundation of my current work exhibited in this show. With my recent move to Thomaston and the mid-coast area, I open my arms to the next 30 years and wonder how this new chapter will influence my life and art.

My art has always been practiced for health and exploration of the creative process. As I deepened this act of meditation, it also showed me a way of connecting with others. This is the basis for all that I create. The words I use to best describe the intent of these paintings and cards are whimsy, inspiration and gratitude. These words weave their way through my work which focuses on the motifs of nature through color and movement. Besides original paintings and cards, I have giclees and printed cards of some paintings, and a 20 postcard book entitled “Sunlit Thoughts”.