Mary Prince

Mary Prince

Mary Prince’s imagery depicts the stability of an environment amidst continual change vigorously capturing the transitory light and atmospheric changes that give voice to the beauty and endurance of the natural world and the still life. As an en plein air painter, she focuses on the bold and rugged coastline and pristine islands of Northeastern coast of Maine. As a painter of the still life, she takes care creating the sculptural aspects of the subject then revels in revealing the light and shadows that permeate.

Mary’s prints are variations of her painting themes. Beginning with an image taken from an en plein air painting or still life painting Mary expands upon her personal creative dimensions.

Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in 1948, Mary Prince grew up along the coast of Virginia and North Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and a Master of Arts and a Master of Education from Columbia University.

Mary studied painting in New York and in Brooklin, Maine with Nieves Billmyer, a long time student of Hans Hofmann and a second-generation abstract expressionist painter. After studying abstract expressionism, Mary became interested in portraiture and landscapes bringing to each of these genres the compositional and gestural quality of abstraction. Mary has studied ceramics with Jacqueline Rice of RISD, watercolor with John Goodrich, and print making with masterprinters such as, Tony Kirk of Center for Contemporary Printmaking and Majorie Van Dyke of VanDeb Publications.

Mary Prince’s paintings and prints have been exhibited and represented in galleries throughout the United States, including the Wingspread Gallery in Northeast Harbor, Maine; the Virginia Miller Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida; the Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; And the Hespe Gallery in San Francisco, California. Mary’s prints have been included in the 14th, 12th, 10th, and 9th Annual IFPDA Print Fair in New York City represented by Stewart & Stewart of Bloomfield, Michigan. In addition, her work is in numerous corporate and private collections, including those of Darby & Darby in New York, New York; Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri; and Hoffstra University Museum in Hempstead, New York and The University of Maine Art Gallery in Machias, Maine. Also her painting Cold Dew is featured in The Artist and the American Landscape by John Driscoll and Arnold Skolnick, First Glance Books.